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Lisa Louise

SkinCare Bundle

SkinCare Bundle

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Tired of using commercial products found in stores that cause…

>> Dryness?

>> Sensitivity?

>> Allergic reactions?

If so, check out our all-natural, organic skincare line that we’ve handmade ourselves!

Using only premium ingredients to create a unique skincare brand that emanates from nature!

Light but powerful skincare that won't clog your pores but gives a beautiful, healthy glow to your face, body, hands, and feet-all over your body! 

What comes in the bundle:

1- 6.8 oz. Whipped Shea Butter with 9 Essential Oils $55

1- Exfoliating Salt Scrub $30

2- Bath soaks $45


There’s a big problem with typical skincare problems…

All the chemicals they contain make skin look dry, dehydrated, and flat.

Basically, making the skin appear much older than it is!

It’s this reason we chose to make our own skincare line…

Skincare that was organic and all-natural and also promoted a smooth, hydrated, plump skin to help maintain youth and beauty!


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