Rejuvenate and relax

Rejuvenating and renewing the skin has started to become popular. But did you know you don't have to sit in a bath to reap the benefits of cell rejuvenation? What did you just say?

Yeah, I know it sounds absurd but you can target specific areas you are concerned with. We have developed and tested some simple ways to achieve amazing results without wasting time.

So what is it?

Ok, So I have used bath salts not just for bathing but for splashing on my face, soaking my hands and especially my feet.

One amazing way to relax is a hot soak in a foot bath!!! Love this sooo much! My feet love me so much after and I dont have to exfoliate that week either.

What about splashing on your face? Tell me about that.

What I have done is disolve bath salts (or if I don't have any, I use the salt scrub,) in warm water, preferable 2 degrees hotter than you,in a bowl. Use a small amount, about a teaspoon amount.

I fill the bowl about half way, a good sized bowl and I set it in the sink and I splash my face over and over using the water until its mostly gone. Its ok to feel a little tingling, the salts are giving your skin what it needs, and when you feel it after you will make this a new habit.

If you have skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, soaking those parts in dead sea salt is a must! People soak in the dead sea just to find relief and the rejuvenation and renewing properties of dead sea for these skin conditions help to relieve the itching, dryness and flaking of the skin.

Next time you are wanting to relax but not take a bath, soak your feet and read a good book. Your skin will definetly thank you!!
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