Inner peace is outward beauty

Beauty tip #4

Presence in the moment reduces stressful thinking, which in turn reduces breakouts from stress.

But, what is presence and how do I know I am present or how to get there?

Presence is a state where you are not thinking about anything, your mind is clear and you are giving all your attention to the people in front of you or the task you are working on.

But, how do you get there, or how do you achieve it?

I wondered this same thing for a long time. My mind was sooo cluttered with so much stressful thinking I lost soooo much time with my kids because I was so stuck in my head. There is more of this to come soon! But for this tip, I am going to show you a simple tip to help stay focused.

Begin by taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Fill your belly, pause then let it out slowly.

You can close your eyes if you want, and keep breathing deeply.

I want you to think of whatever is stressing you out, and then focus on a part of your body you have a feeling and focus on that feeling with all your mind.

it could be your chest, your stomach- I used to have butterflies when I was stressed.

Focus all your attention on the body part until it completely disappears.

The feeling should be getting less and less with all of your attention on it. When it has gone, notice your mind is clear, and you are now able to focus.

This is a great tip for kids too. I use it with my son when he is scared.

Learning to clear our minds and keeping them clear is priceless.

If you are interested in learning more about this, I have some programs coming up that will really go deep into this. Stay tuned!!! You wont want to miss it!
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