Break a sweat everyday

Have you ever been told to break a sweat daily? I have, but did you know that sweating and regular exercise can clear up unwanted acne, even out your skin and clear you of blackheads? It can an more!!!!

Exercise is an amazing way to get your glow on! Here is a quick way to get your glow on, sweat profusely and start your morning off energized!

So how can I start exercising, if I don't have time to go to the gym?

For those with a little time at hand, or find it hard to start and stick to a routine, beginning simple and easy is the best way to go and add on as you get used to a new habit.

For this quick tip, doing burpees at least 10 and growing weekly by 1 or 2 can give you aerobic exercise, muscle definition, and core strength.

So how do you do a burpee?

Begin first standing up straight.
Jump straight up and come into a squat.
Place your hands inside your feet and jump back your feet to a plank position.
do a pushup
jump your feet to your hands inside as we placed them,
stand up and do a squat jump up reaching to the ceiling.
you just did 1 burpee. now do 9 more! You are doing Great!!
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